Main advantages and key characteristics


The architectural design envisages a total of 68 two-room and three-room apartments, 8 studios, 4 loft rooms, 2 retail stores for sales of industrial goods on the ground floor, a gaming establishment, and a bistro-style restaurant with a large children's playground. The housing complex will provide a total of 87 parking spaces – 42 of them will be above ground and 45 will be underground. 4 of these will be disabled parking spaces.


All exterior reinforced concrete structural elements, as well as all exterior façade walls, will be thermally insulated with 8 cm of extruded polystyrene (XPS).

The flat roofs and terraces will be thermally insulated with XPS whose thickness will vary between 5 and 10 cm.

The curtain façade walls will be built with 25-cm-thick ceramic building bricks. The interior partition walls will be built with 12-cm-thick ceramic bricks. The installation packages will be gypsum plasterboards fixed to 5-cm-thick metal frames.


Walls and ceilings – machine applied gypsum mortar and plastering with aluminium wall corner guards.

Floors – levelling sand and cement screed coat.

Sanitary facilities (bathrooms and toilet rooms) – cement screed coat sloped to the floor drain traps.

Doors, windows, and joinery – PVC doors and windows with four-seasons double glazed sealed units.

Armoured entrance door with 5-point locking.

Balconies, loggias, and terraces – finished with waterproofing and sloped floor screeds covered with frost-resistant outdoor stoneware tiles ‘Granitogres’.

Water and sewer line installation – all water lines will be executed with polypropylene hot-water and cold-water pipes, PN16 and PN20, with aluminium inserts and end caps installed. All open sections will be covered with pipe insulation to prevent condensation from occurring on the pipe surface. Water meters will be installed. All sewer lines will be executed with PVC sewer pipes with end caps installed.

Electrical wiring – a residential distribution board (consumer unit) installed in every apartment to divide the power feed into subsidiary circuits for light fixtures and AC receptacles. The board is equipped with circuit breakers and fault protection. Lighting circuit cables will be CYKY Lo 3x2,5 mm² buried in plaster. Light fixture wall switches will be set at a height of 1 metre (approximately 3 ft. 3 in.) from the finished floor level.

Wired front door intercom system – wiring and an intercom panel next to the entrance door.



All façades will be completed as per the façade drawings. The façade panels will be covered with silicate-silicone plaster coating coloured in white and dark grey.

The large windows will provide an aesthetic advantage and will allow more light to flood into the rooms. Special high-class 4-season low-emissivity glazing will keep heat inside in winter and outside in summer.


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