Main advantages and key characteristics


The multi-family apartment building will comprise 64 residences, 1 retail grocery store, 3 offices, and a casino. On the first residential floor of the building, in entrance ‘A’, there will be a residence meeting the requirements for people with disabilities.

Each section will be provided with pedestrian access via a separate entrance accessible from ground level. Each entrance will feature a low upstanding threshold enabling access for people with disabilities. The design envisages a wheelchair-accessible elevator in each of the four sections with automatic doors. The elevator shaft dimensions will be 190 cm by160 cm (6.23 ft. by 5.25 ft.). A 160-cm-wide (5.25 ft.) unobstructed clear floor space will be provided in front of the elevator on each floor to ensure sufficient wheelchair turning space for unassisted use of the elevator, thus meeting the requirements of the legislation governing the accessibility of the built environment.

The total number of parking spaces will be 76, including six designated disabled parking spaces. The total number of residences will be 64. The total number of establishments for use by the general public will be 5.


This floor will host solely an assortment of establishments for use by the general public, i.e., offices, a casino, storage areas of the retail grocery store located on the ground floor. The interior design concepts for the casino and the grocery store will be developed at the next stage – the detailed design and the execution design, once they have been leased. The entrance spaces of three of the four sections will also be located on this level along with the adjoining stairways, district heating substations, and other ancillary premises, i.e., common resident storerooms to be used for the temporary storage of personal property, vestibules leading to the storage areas, and sanitary facilities.

The ground floors in sections ‘A’ and ‘B’, which will be close to the ground or street level, will host establishments for use by the general public – a grocery store and a staircase used for access to the casino, located on the semi-subterranean level. In section ‘A’, the vestibule and the district heating substation will also be located on the ground floor. The ground floors in sections ‘C’ and ‘D’ will host residences – 2 three-room and 4 two-room apartments. These will be located above the ground level in compliance with the legal requirements. Each apartment will have an entrance hall, a living room and one or two bedrooms with at least one sanitary facility (bathroom and toilet room), a storeroom – a closet/pantry, and a balcony or a loggia.

The four standard floors will host apartments only. In each section, there will be 3 apartments per floor. Thus, there will be 5 three-room apartments and 7 two-room apartments on each floor. The only exception will be the first standard residential floor in entrance ‘A’, where the residence for people with disabilities will be located. Each apartment will have an entrance hall, a living room and one or two bedrooms with at least one sanitary facility (bathroom and toilet room), at least one storeroom – a closet and/or a pantry, and a balcony or a loggia.

The top sixth floor will also host apartments only – 1 one-room apartment, 4 two-room apartments, 4 three-room apartments, and 1 four-room apartment. Their floor plans will be almost identical with the floor plans of the apartments on the standard floors. The only difference will be that they will have terraces owing to the top-floor setbacks. The southern section will have the largest setbacks and its top floor, therefore, will host just one three-bedroom apartment.


The multi-family apartment building will feature monolithic, reinforced concrete, and earthquake-resistant (aseismic) structure. The structure of the reinforced concrete floor slabs will be combined and, in most places, will be practically seamless, which will allow increased soundproofing between the storeys. All exterior surfaces will be thermally insulated and a non-combustible strip of mineral wool will be installed at every other floor level along the building’s perimeter to reduce fire hazards. Pigmented mineral plaster painted in light and dark tones will be used for the façade design as per the design. The handrails will be firmly secured and their height will 110 cm (43.3 in) measured from the finished floor level. They will be made of steel profiles coated with anti-rust varnishes. The roof will be flat and has been designed with the minimum falls required by law to allow rainwater to be carried from the roof of the building. It will have also insulation layers as envisaged in the design. All requirements outlined in the Spatial Development Act and Ordinance No. 7 on the Rules and Regulations for the Development of the Various Types of Territories and Spatial Planning Zones, as well as all health and hygiene requirements, have been duly taken into account during the design process.


The reinforced concrete structure will be earthquake-resistant (aseismic).

Wall and ceilings – solid masonry walls built with 25-cm and 12-cm-thick, high-quality bricks of the Wienerberger brand, coated with cement and gypsum plaster; the ceilings will be coated with cement and gypsum plaster.

Doors, windows, and joinery – 5-chamber PVC profiles with double glazed sealed units.

Armoured entrance door with 5-point locking.

Balconies, loggias, and terraces – the balconies will have powder-coated metal handrails and the floors will be covered with frost-resistant outdoor stoneware tiles ‘Granitogres’.

Water and sewer line installation – all water lines will be executed with polypropylene hot-water and cold-water pipes, PN16 and PN20, with aluminium inserts and end caps installed. All open sections will be covered with pipe insulation to prevent condensation from occurring on the pipe surface. Water meters will be installed. All sewer lines will be executed with PVC sewer pipes with end caps installed. The same is true for the heating and cooling system – air-conditioner mounting brackets, refrigerant copper pipes, and power cables will be preinstalled. A preinstalled heat network will allow supplying the apartments with low-temperature district heating for space heating and domestic hot water.

Electrical wiring – a residential distribution board (consumer unit) will be installed in each apartment to divide the power feed into subsidiary circuits for light fixtures and AC receptacles. The board will be equipped with circuit breakers and fault protection. Lighting circuit cables will be CYKY Lo 3x2,5 mm² buried in plaster. Light fixture wall switches will be set at a height of 1 metre (approximately 3 ft. 3 in.) from the finished floor level.

Wired intercom system – the design envisages electric high- and low-current systems and wiring for an intercom system, internet, and TV.


What is characteristic of the building’s outward appearance is the quest for rhythm by accentuating the volumes of the balconies and loggias and integrating the sections into groups. The aim is to reduce the scale of the otherwise large building and to create a varied and amiable architecture at a human scale. A pleasurable outward appearance will be achieved by the inclusion of predominantly light façades in a contemporary yet unobtrusive architecture that renders the building into a contemporary and colourful accent against the grey backdrop of the older apartment buildings in the neighbourhood. This will be achieved thanks to the use of the warm colour palette and a pronounced contrast to accentuate the volumes. Mineral plasters coloured in white for the protruding volumes and in dark grey for the sinking volumes will be used to amplify the plastic effect. This will be accentuated by the use of STIGGES façade insulation panels with an added gnarl effect. The handrails will be accentuated and their horizontal nature will be highlighted by horizontal grooves added to the façades at each floor level. The air conditioning outdoor units will be hidden in external ventilation louvres in front of the stairwells to prevent turning the façades into an eyesore by installing various A/C units at random locations.


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